Life-Changing Questions

Questions determine the course of our lives.

Does that sound like an unrealistic statement? Implausible? Too bold? Impractical? Unbelievable?

This book will show that it’s not unrealistic at all! Life is full of questions. Asking questions causes us to ponder possibilities. But unfortunately, some of our inner dialogue framed as questions can cause us to judge ourselves to the point of hindering a successful, joyful life. Life-Changing Questions explores the power of asking redemptive questions for ourselves, in our everyday interactions with others, and most importantly, in our dialogue with God.

In this book, you will:

 • Discover the purposes of asking questions as well as how and when to ask

 • Learn how to frame questions for maximum effectiveness

 • Examine redemptive ways to refocus questions from condemning to discovery

 • Explore how discovery questions deepen your intimacy with others and God.

Dr. Allen takes you on a journey of recognizing the kinds of questions you ask yourself and learning how to change the ones that condemn you to ones that lead to discovery – discovery of redemptive possibilities that you would otherwise miss.

Change your questions, Change your life!

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